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Your teeth can tell a lot about you

While teeth have their main job of chewing our food, they also provide a lasting record of our personal history. Due to this, scientists can tell a lot about a person just by examining their teeth. Read on >>>

Chronic Gum Inflammation Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

Chronic gum inflammation, (known as periodontitis), is the leading cause of tooth loss and has been associated with increases in inflammation throughout the body. However, a recent Taiwanese report shows that chronic periodontitis may also be associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Data was collected …

Dental Implants Inspire Self-Confidence

A person’s confidence is the result of many different factors. While these factors vary from person to person, it is safe to say that at least a small portion of one’s confidence stems from his or her appearance. One of the most engaging features of a particularly confident …

Advances in Dental Technology Make Implants Safer Than Ever

Dental implants have a long, successful history of replacing missing teeth. For decades, dental surgeons have placed implants and achieved good results. New advances in dental technology take those results from good to great! How Dental Implants Work Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry by creating a replacement for …

Spring Cleanings Can Help Your Home and MOUTH

It’s not a secret that good oral hygiene begins in the home with regular brushing and flossing. But, did you know that by doing a Spring home cleaning that you are also helping your oral health? Environmental cleaning is a basic principle in the prevention of infection in …

Stress Affects Your Teeth

Stress is challenging for everyone. While it’s known that stress negatively affects your mood, it is also the leading cause of tooth grinding. Grinding teeth, or “bruxism,” is something that 10-15% of adult Americans experience. While not everyone who grinds their teeth may associate themselves as being stressed, …

Six Ways Candy Can Hurt Your Body

Though candy may satisfy your temporary sugar craving, the effect long-term is nothing sweet at all. In fact, besides negatively affecting your teeth, candy can hurt your body in 5 other major ways: Teeth Weight Heart Mood Joints Pancreas But HOW does it affect each of these parts …

Odd Dental Stories

If you suffer from dental anxiety, trips to the dentist or oral surgeon may often be uncomfortable. However, have you ever thought about reverse dental anxiety, where dentists and oral surgeons are made uncomfortable from patients? Though patient anxiety is nothing we’re familiar with (because our patients are …

Which Dental Specialists Should You See?

We all know that maintaining good dental health is important – it affects our teeth and jaw, our ability to chew, and our smiles. But it also affects our overall health! Therefore, regular visits with dental professionals are important for maintaining physical health throughout our bodies. But which …

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Dr. Dan Martin, D.D.S, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery who has a lasting commitment to excellence in oral surgery and his patients’ care. Dr. Martin offers “All-On-Four” and “Teeth In A Day.” His extensive experience in dental implants will give you reason to smile.

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I highly recommend [Dr. Martin] and would not hesitate to drive back to Tahoe to have my son seen again (in fact, I already did!).
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