Flossing can increase your life expectancy

To stay healthy, many doctors recommend exercising, eating well, and reducing the stress in your life. However, studies also show that flossing once a day can actually help increase your life expectancy. In fact, research shows that by adding flossing to your daily health regimen, you can add 1 to 6 years to your life.

The reason why flossing has such an important effect on your overall health is because it reduces the build up of plaque, a thin layer of bacteria that clings to teeth throughout the day. If not removed, plaque can then build up to form tartar, a hard deposit that irritates and inflames the gums, ultimately causing gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, has been associated with numerous ailments in many areas of the body, including heart disease, mouth cancers, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure, and diabetes.

Though lack of flossing has not been found to be a direct cause of these diseases, the links between periodontal disease and these ailments have continued to show significant correlation. Therefore, since poor flossing habits can lead to severe gum disease, and in turn be associated with numerous diseases, it’s best to floss once a day. Your mouth, and life, may depend on it.

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