When a patient is missing all of their teeth, or the teeth are in such poor condition that they must be replaced, full arch replacement is in order. Before modern dental implant procedures, the best solution available to patients with complete tooth loss was the full denture. There are many issues common to conventional dentures, including trouble eating and speaking, discomfort and soreness from movement, and even displacement of the dentures at inopportune times. A fixed bridge, securely attached to several implants, provides a permanent, esthetically-pleasing solution that allows you the freedoms of natural teeth.

All-On-Four (Permanent Dentures)

The modern, most cost-effective, solution to full arch replacement is a procedure known as “all-on-four.” Medical-grade, threaded titanium implants (or “posts”) are carefully fitted in the jawbone to create new “roots,” which anchor the new arch to your jaw. The new arch and crowns are then carefully attached to these posts, creating a naturally-looking and feeling full set of teeth that remain in the mouth day and night, unlike a conventional denture. Typically, four implants are all that is needed. These new teeth will allow you to eat the foods that conventional denture wearers miss sucha as apples, corn, and steak. Your new teeth will not fall out, and will provide a solid, stable solution that, with proper care, can last a lifetime. In most cases, All-On-Four treatment can be completed in one day (“Teeth in a Day”), with removal of all of the non-restorable teeth, placement of dental implants, and securing a temporary full arch bridge all in one appointment. Dr. Martin utilizes the latest digital and 3-D imaging technology to utilize computerized tomography (CT) to plan the entire procedure.

Over Denture

Another option for utilizing implants to help with loss of an entire arch of teeth is an overdenture.  With an overdenture, two or more implants are placed. After the implants have healed, the conventional denture is modified so that it may be snapped into place with an attachment on top of the implants. This attachment allows for better function and improved comfort.  Most of the time existing full dentures may be utilized for conversion to overdentures. The cost and ease of installation, make overdentures a great “in-between” solution for replacing all teeth.