We provide clear treatments plans and are upfront with treatment costs.

When researching options for tooth replacement, patients are naturally worried about the cost of dental implants. On first glance, dental implants can appear to be an expensive option. We try to remind our patients of the cost of procrastination. The longer it takes to address an existing problems, the worse they often become, particularly with needed dental care. Putting off necessary oral care quite often leads to additional bone loss and missing teeth. Bone loss and missing teeth are the two greatest factors that contribute to the cost of dental implant procedures. With recent advancements in dental technology, dental implants are significantly less expensive than they were just a few years ago and are a permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth.


At Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center, we work with you and your insurance plan to maximize your reimbursement for covered procedures. Our staff is well-informed, and is experienced with insurance plans and coverage. Please contact us at (530) 587-5440 with any questions you may have.

Please bring your insurance information with you to help us expedite your processing.

Please bear in mind that, while we work with all major dental plans, you are responsible for all fees not reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Payment Options:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Payment is due at the time of service, unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance. If you have any questions or concerns about your account, please contact us at (530) 587-5440.


Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center works with financing companies (such as CareCredit) to make the costs of treatment fit with your budget.  In most cases, you may spread out the cost of treatment over 12 months at 0% interest.  Longer payment periods are also available for low interest rates.