I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction by Dr. Martin and I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of the entire staff and the extraction process. I appreciated the phone call by Dr. Martin at the end of the day of extraction and the follow-up phone call the following day from his office. I highly recommend the Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center to everyone in need of their services. You will not be disappointed. – Susane E., Oakland CA
A five-star review in every sense of the word. Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff made my dental visit of four implants in one visit. Everything went smoothly. His staff of employees are so warm, friendly, professional, and happy (and they are happy because they work for the most gracious, professional, kind-hearted, humorous, and friendly oral surgeon, Dr. Martin!!! I highly recommend this office. You will be in good hands. – Deborah Leigh Briggs, Orinda CA
I have been to the office twice and both times were excellent experiences. Great staff, very nice and warm. Dr. Martin is a master at oral surgery. No pain, quick, explains everything. I would highly recommend. – Katey J., Truckee, CA
Dr. Appelblatt is an excellent oral surgeon; smart and very nice. I have had to do major work and the staff at Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center are outstanding. Each member brings so much to the holistic care. I highly recommend Tahoe Oral Surgery! – Nobia M.
About two weeks ago I had to have a tooth extracted. My whole life I have had serious dental work, and avoided the dentist at all costs in my later 20s. As a result, I had a serious infection in one of my teeth which needed to be removed immediately. I called Dr. Martin’s office and they were able to schedule me for the next day when other offices had availability two plus weeks. Horrified, I managed my way to the office and had one of the best dental experiences of my life. The procedure was virtually painless and took a mere hour. Literally the only pain I felt was the hour between when my local anesthetic wore off and when the ibuprofen kicked in. Just went back today to have sutures removed and I was in and out of the building in 10 minutes flat. These people are seriously amazing and I will always be coming back for any other procedures I may need. – Anthony L., Tahoe Vista, CA
I had an emergency tooth extraction at this wonderful location. Holy smokes was I in good hands! Fast, painless, easy…. Literally feel like a million bucks after getting it out. The whole staff was so nice to me and I had no stress over this nasty tooth that was ruining my life. Dr Rachel Appelblatt is incredible at what she does! She was very concerned about my pain and explained to me what she was doing the whole time. So nice to be in the care of pros like this. Highly recommend this Dr for your oral surgery needs. I came in pretty bummed out and really nervous. 5 mins into being in the chair and some chatting with the staff, I was good to go. I really wish I was better with names too. The staff there is amazing! They deserve tons of credit for getting you calm and ready for business. They were very compassionate and quick to get things rolling. Two thumbs up from this dentist skeptic. As far as dentist visits go, this ranks super high on the happy scale. THANK YOU to all the wonderful ladies who took care of me. A+! – Josh C, Truckee
Dr. Rachel Appelblatt is incredible. I had all wisdom teeth removed with IV Sedation. She actually listened to me when I told her most people have problems drawing my blood and giving me IV’s. Instead of poking me a few times, she went right in where my veins are most cooperative. She even called me 7 hours after the procedure to see how I was doing. The staff is remarkable. The atmosphere of the office is comfortable and clean. Cleanliness was the first thing I noticed when I went in for my consultation. I had another consultation elsewhere from a referral and wasn’t too impressed with the doctor, staff, or office. When I went to my consultation with Tahoe Oral Surgery, I felt way more comfortable and I am very happy with my decision. I’ll recommend them to everyone. – Kristie S
Wonderful experience! Can’t thank you guys enough for making me feel better. – Kelli A, Truckee CA
Thank You Dr. Appleblatt, I Don’t know why I was so worried. You guys are the best. I cam now rest at night without a care. As you know, I had a bit of anxiety before getting my first tooth extracted. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions about the procedure beforehand. This helped me feel more comfortable with the procedure. I am very happy with the result. – Cindy C., SL Tahoe
My 14 year-old daughter needed a molar removed that had never dropped into place and needed her wisdom teeth removed at the same time. We drove 85 miles because I felt Dr. Martin was the best oral surgeon for us, and I was right. From the initial consult to follow up care, my daughter received top-notch personal care and professionalism. The entire staff at Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center were world class, and my daughter’s healing was incredible. I can’t recommend them strongly enough. – Maggie H., Quincy, CA
Dr. Appelblatt was incredible. Her staff was friendly and everyone did their best to make me feel comfortable, as I was obviously nervous! She even called me later to see how I was doing, on her own personal cell phone. Very personable and professional! – Catie A., Minden, NV
Can we just talk about how amazing all the staff at Tahoe Oral Surgery is? I came in so nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed and they truly consoled me and made sure I was comfortable through the whole entire process. Dr. Appelblatt, Nicole, Lauren and Kels are all such genuine, caring and amazing people. Know that if you go to this place you will be in good hands. Thank you! – Stephanie S, Smyrna, GA
I am so very grateful for this place. My boyfriend got his wisdom tooth extremely infected and it was getting worse and worse with every hour, I was calling all the dental offices, but every single one I called was booked all the way to mid-January. Lady at one of the offices was so nice to give me number for Tahoe oral surgery, I called them and that was a miracle. Not only they squeezed him in the schedule, but they did a top-grade job, I came home from work that night and saw that his face is not swollen anymore, his pain is almost completely gone and he’s overall happy. The service was super affordable as well, which can make anybody happy, considering dental services prices overall in the town. – Masha P, Kirkwood CA
I was referred to Tahoe Oral Surgery Center by a local dentist office that was too busy to see me for a painful wisdom tooth. Lucky for me, this was the most appropriate option in my case, being that this practice specializes in wisdom tooth extraction among many other operations. The receptionist was friendly and informative over the phone, offering an accurate estimate right off the bat, and had me booked that same morning. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and professionally, and all my questions were answered knowledgeably by the reception staff. The doctor’s assistant was also very professional and knowledgeable, immediately pointing out the problem as soon as the X-rays were produced. She was so good at answering my questions about my first ever tooth extraction that I felt confident and at ease over the whole situation by the time Dr. Rachel Appelblatt came in and was ready to begin the procedure. Dr. Appelblatt did a fantastic job with the extraction, telling me what she was doing in just the right way as to prepare me for the needle sticks and pressure of pulling the tooth out, while not being overly descriptive (which might have psyched me out a bit). She was very sensitive to how I felt, making sure I was comfortably numb with an extra Novocain shot or two before beginning the extraction. The procedure was quick and painless, even though my tooth broke a little due to its original sad state. Despite the hiccup, Dr. Appelblatt seemed to know exactly how the handle the situation, and before I knew it the tooth was out just as I was starting to settle in and enjoy my nitrous daze. I could tell during the procedure that both the doctor and her assistant were each on their game and working together as a highly effective team. The technical and interpersonal skills of both Dr. Appelblatt and her staff greatly exceeded my expectations. My primary concern was to not have a “cheap” treatment that is expected from practices accepting Medi-Cal, while also not overpaying or be sold unnecessary work, which is unfortunately the norm for several Tahoe businesses. Dr. Rachel was very understanding and accommodating of my financial situation, opting to remove only the tooth that was causing me pain, while discussing my options for the other wisdom tooth that will eventually become problematic. My overall impression of Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center, and especially of Dr. Appelblatt, was that of highly skilled professionals who have a deep sense of respect and duty to serve our community. I won’t even consider going off the hill to remove my other tooth with such caring and capable professionals in town. – Robert C. , South Lake Tahoe
I am very thankful that Dr. Martin and the staff at the center were able to fit my son in at the last minute. Dr. Martin resolved my 8 year old son’s problem with one visit. The office is clean. The staff is professional and helpful. Dr. Martin is a good communicator and a caring doctor. – Laura W, South Lake Tahoe
I was a hard case. I had advanced periodontal disease, 2 broken teeth, 1 dead tooth from an old root canal. I was harboring an infection and had to get in quick for emergency surgery. I wasn’t just unattractive, my life was in danger. So I don’t just owe Dr. Dan Martin for rebuilding my maxilla and making me pretty again, I owe him my life. When you are in the dire condition I was in, you need the best help you can get. When Dr. Dan wasn’t dealing with a frightened patient, his wonderful staff was doing what they could to mend my broken heart. I won’t lie to you it took at least 2 years that I can keep track of. Honestly I was doing my best to block it out of my mind and put a positive face on it, but my heart was lying on the ground, and I wondered if my life would ever be the same again. These are the people who mended my broken heart and my teeth, and set me up with the dentist I’ve have now, Dr. Tyson Lechner. Both of them gave me a chance at redemption, and renewal. Long ago, when I had all my teeth, I had some custom whitening trays made, and that’s how my crowns were made. I didn’t just get teeth back, I got MY teeth back. My health turned around, I’m lots better about flossing and brushing and my implant anchored teeth are beautiful!!! I am eternally grateful to Dr. Martin and Tahoe Oral Surgery for all they have done, and best of all they were right here in Truckee! My advice: Get the best, buy local, and your story will have a happy ending too! – Wanda H. Incline Village., NV
I greatly appreciated the professionalism and friendliness of your entire staff! This includes everyone from front desk to your medical staff. My procedure went very well and I am doing fine.Thank you very much! – Wes R, Truckee CA
Ok. I must be the worst patient ever. I cry since the moment I get to the office until I leave. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and everybody was so nice to me I can not say THANK YOU enough. I was very afraid I will be in pain, and to my surprise I did not feel any pain!!! Dr Martin and his staff were super nice to me and made me feel good about my surgery. Thank you very much for taking such a good care of me. I will never forget you guys. thanks. – Mona S.
I had to have my wisdom teeth removed before I went away to college, They got me in very quickly and the surgery was very easy and my recovery was super quick. Dr. Martin was very polite and was willing to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend Tahoe oral surgery. – Madison W, Reno, NV
My dentist, Dr. Bocchi, at Sierra Smiles in Zephyr Cove referred me to this office to have two of my wisdom teeth removed. I had been very nervous then, but everything went so smoothly before, during, and after the surgery. Everyone was very accommodating (I had to change my surgery schedule twice), and they made sure all my questions were answered to put me at ease. I finally had my teeth pulled five days ago, and I can say Dr. Appelblatt did a really good job with my wisdom teeth removal. I simply followed all the detailed instructions she gave me, and I haven’t had any pains or swelling at all! All the people I saw after my surgery were so surprised at how well I recovered–no chipmunk face, and no complaints about hurting. The numbness went away quickly, too. I also appreciated that they called after my surgery to monitor my recovery, and to answer any other questions I had. I’m so glad I went to this office. I couldn’t have picked a better place! – Maxine T.
I am a recent patient of Dr. Martin’s and I only have great things to say about he and his staff. Everyone is so professional and kind, they are so welcoming. Dr Martin was very informative and professional. I have been to many Drs. practices and Dr. Martin and his staff, by far, are the best! – Cyndy B., Zephyr Cove
I had 3 wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Appelblatt, a 10/10 great experience. She was quick, easy and intelligent the whole time. I highly recommend going to her! – Kama B., Sacramento
I was referred to Tahoe oral surgery by my dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was so comfortable with everyone in the office from my consultation through the operation. Dr. Appelblatt was Amazing. She took some concerns I had about getting sick and made my surgery experience the best I have ever had. I highly recommend Tahoe Oral surgery to anyone that is looking. Not only were they great while I was there but Dr. A tool the time to personally call and check on me. – Shani S., Gardnerville, NV
Dr. Martin and team made what I thought a painful day of tooth extraction to be not so very bad at all. I was treated and recovering before I knew it with minimal discomfort during the surprisingly quick process. The follow up from the office staff has been thorough and appreciated. Highly recommended! – Adam T., South Lake Tahoe, CA
Very long story short, I was hospitalized due to the extreme infection and abscess I had. The day after my release from the hospital I went to Dr. Martin to have four teeth extracted. I have several problems that can make operating on me dangerous. One of them is a bleeding disorder. Dr. Martin was knowledgeable about my conditions and worked with my specialists to make sure I was safe for surgery. The staff are very understanding, knowledgeable, and kind. Everything is explained so there are no surprises. The dental assistant I had (Lori) took such good care of me before, during and after surgery. They also called me after surgery to check on me a couple of times. Thank you for the excellent care. If I ever need dental surgery again, this is where I will go! – Lynn B, South Lake Tahoe, CA
I recently had my tooth extract by Dr. Martin after years of botched dentistry by others. It was a painless experience. Dr. Martin also told me the truth about my extraction and future implant in that he did not think that the socket preservation was necessary at this time. It is so nice when you don’t have unnecessary work done on your teeth to provide the dentist with extra income as has happened in the past. I highly recommend Dr. Martin and consider myself lucky to have found such a great oral surgeon. – Jim G., Kihei, HI
I recently had one of the best medical/dental experiences I have ever had with Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center. Dr. Martin made a tooth extraction a very painless experience. Dr Martin and his staff were excellent and very reasonably priced. I will always recommend them. – Joe D., South Lake Tahoe CA
I recently had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Martin and Tahoe Oral Surgery and had a very positive experience. I was able to schedule appointments (consultation and surgery) within days of my call, no waiting! There were also super short wait times when I appeared for my appointments, less than 5 minutes. The entire staff including Dr. Martin are very kind and reassuring, they are happy to answer any questions and even check up on you after. The whole experience was much more pleasant than I ever expected. Thank you! – Beth B, South Lake Tahoe, CA
I am so happy with how my surgery went with Dr. Martin and his caring staff. I got three wisdom teeth removed, and it was over before I knew it. They explained everything so well and even called after to see how my recovery was coming along. They also have Care Credit so that helps finically. So so pleased with everything and would recommend this office to my family and friends. – Lydia G., June Lake, CA
I had my lower wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Rachel Appelblatt at Tahoe Oral Surgery on February 29. Because of my age (70) I had a high probability of a very slow recovery. I had no problems whatsoever with the removal or post-operative period. I will be highly recommending this practice to anyone who needs oral surgery. – Kay H., South Lake Tahoe, CA
I recently had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, and i was looking around for a dentist to help as i am terrified of dentists… came across Dr. Martin, and he eased all of my worries. Not only did the surgery go through smoothly, he made sure i was comfortable in the process before and after. His office called weekly to check up on me, and answer any questions i had. I highly recommend this doctor, and am sure i will never go anywhere else!! – Rose H., South Lake Tahoe, CA
Had my two wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Appelblatt and she was the greatest doctor I could have had. She took great care of me before and after surgery, made what was once before a horrible experience practically painless, and made sure nothing bad happened to me. Dr. Appelblatt is a great addition and has made me like this office once again. Thank you Dr. Appelblatt. – Sarah J., South Lake Tahoe, CA
Highly recommended. Great hospitality and care from the doctor himself and assistant Stephanie. – Emily A., Reno, NV
I can personally give the highest recommendation to Dr. Martin and his staff. I had two wisdom teeth extracted, and the procedure was over before I knew it! It went smoothly without complications or any pain. On the initial consultation, Dr. Martin took time to listen to my concerns. He was carrying and compassionate as were his assistants who made everything easy. They even called twice in follow-up to check in and see how I was coming along in recovery and to answer any questions . The whole team was professional and carrying. I will return should I need any further oral surgery in the future. Thanks for your good work. – Christine E., Sacramento, CA
I had my teeth pulled a week ago, and I can say Dr. Appelblatt (at the South Lake Tahoe office) did a really good job with my wisdom teeth removal. I simply followed all the detailed instructions she gave me, and I haven’t had any pains or swelling at all! All the people I saw after my surgery were so surprised at how well I recovered–no chipmunk face, and no complaints about hurting. The numbness went away quickly, too. I also appreciate that they called after my surgery to monitor my recovery, and to answer any other questions I had. I’m so glad I went to this office. I couldn’t have picked a better place! – Maxine T.
If you HAVE to have a tooth extracted, I recommend Dr. Rachel Appelblatt. She is kind and efficient. The front office ladies are very helpful and responsive to scheduling and insurance. – Melanie G.
I had a tooth extraction and a post put in by Dr. Appelblatt and her assistants in multiple visits over many months. The whole team was great – efficient, empathetic, and skillful. While having a tooth replaced is not something I would wish on anyone, if you need to get it done, this is definitely the place. – David S.
I’ve had anxiety for a majority of my life, so you can imagine that I was less than thrilled to have to get my four wisdom teeth removed. I walked in completely terrified, but Dr. Appelblatt and everyone in the South Lake office were incredibly kind and understanding. They even checked up on me in the days following, just to make sure I was okay, which made me feel a lot calmer. I would recommend them to anyone. – Robin Foster
I had two teeth pulled at Dr. Martin’s office. The whole experience was a breeze. The office staff was wonderful to me from beginning to end. Everyone in the office is as friendly and professional as they come. They even called to check on me the next day! I would recommend Dr. Martin and this office to anyone! – Amy L.
My experience at Dr. Martin’s office for my wisdom teeth extraction was more than great. I went in there terrified of the whole thing. I don’t do well at all with being put under, the sight of needles and blood make me nauseous, and the thought of anything going wrong (you hear the horror stories!) was almost overwhelming. Dr. Martin and his staff were amazing. They were so nice, patient and calming. They worked with me through the whole thing and before I knew it, I was waking up with the whole thing over with. Afterwards, to my surprise, I got follow up phone calls and emails to check on my recovery. That never happens these days. They make you feel like you are in good hands from beginning to end, and like they appreciate you coming to them. I would recommend Dr. Martin’s office to anyone looking to get quality, personalized work done any day of the week. – Karla. D.
Thank you for taking such good care of me last Friday. You all are the best. – Bill E (Incline Village)
Thank you to you and your staff for opening you office to see our deploying service members. Thanks to you, they were able to get the quality care they not only need, but deserve. Working with Sherry was an absolute pleasure! She was patient, professional, kind and flexible as we worked through the details of the complex situation. It is clear your office is full of wonderful people! Thank you for going above and beyond! – Jenna R (Reno)
Any time you are faced with having a tooth extraction your mind is filled with trepidation. Dr Martin and the staff answered all our questions and options that were available which allowed us to make our final decision. The procedure was comfortable and we are pleased with the outcome and the quick recovery I have made. Thank you. – Howard (Tahoe City)
I can’t believe how stress free and pain free my extraction was with Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff! I have recommended this group to so many people! Absolutely the best!! I am looking forward to the next step in the implant process. Thank you!!! – Nancy S.
Dr. Martin and his staff are the absolute best! They explain everything in detail, are friendly, and go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. – Veronyca T.
I thank you and your staff for the professional courtesy extended to me on my appointment. Over the past years I have had several implants while living in Atlanta, GA. I consider the professionalism of your office to be of the highest quality. – James Burge, Reno, Nevada
I would like to say thank you to Dr Appelblatt for giving me the best experience that I have had. Dr Appelblatt’s commitment to making sure that I was taken care of at every step in my procedure, speaks volumes. Lauren was also great! They both entertained me the whole time I was there. I will recommend you guys to anyone and everyone that will listen!! – David S., Nevada
Excellent staff and extremely kind towards my 90 year old father! I appreciate you going the extra mile and calling after hours to check on him, that meant a lot. – Asad R.
I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Martin. His office scheduled me quickly, they were very friendly, and they were upfront and honest about the cost. Going into the surgery I was in pain. Afterwards, I was much better. My face never got swollen and the pain was very minimal. They gave me a kit in addition to the normal medications that was very helpful. Then they called every day to see how I was doing and ask if I had any questions. For that I would give them 6 stars if I could. THANKS! – T. M. Tahoe Vista, CA
Great team – All the staff are extremely attentive and caring. Certainly made me feel very comfortable. Thanks Dr Martin and your staff, much appreciated. – Greg. P, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Dr. Martin is a great oral surgeon. Top notch wonderful friendly. Staff is caring and wonderful. I was afraid and they calmed me and assured me not to worry… Well, they were right! Dr. Martin is caring and my procedure was over quick and easy! I would recommend this office with five stars!! – Helen T., Kings Beach, CA
I had a great experience with Dr. Martin and his staff. I had a recent extraction and could not have been treated better. I was called twice to see how I was doing, which impressed me. I would recommend Dr. Martin for any of your oral surgery needs. – Jeff M. Zephyr Cove, NV
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Martin and his staff at Tahoe Oral Surgery. They are so friendly and accommodating! They took amazing care of me when I broke my jaw three years ago and have continued to do so in my journey to replace the teeth I lost. If you are searching for an oral surgeon you can trust, honestly, look no further! And don’t forget to grab some of their famous iced-pear chap-stick on your way out. Thank you guys!! – Rian H.
I visited Dr Martin for wisdom teeth extraction and the entire experience was so different than I had anticipated. Dr. Martin and the entire staff were awesome and did such a great job. I was in and out of there within a matter of just over an hour. I didn’t feel a thing 🙂 I would highly recommend Dr. Martin to anyone. – Chris M., Truckee, CA
Dr. Martin is the cat’s meow. I was TERRIFIED of getting my wisdom teeth pulled but that boy knocked me out and I had no pain AT ALL after the surgery! Dr. Martin and his staff are awesome and super nice! I definitely recommend Dr. Martin to anyone looking for an oral surgeon! – Lyndsay F.
First let me say I HATE DENTISTS…unfortunately I have lousy teeth and I have found a fantastic dentist who told me that the best thing for me would be to get implants.  He first referred me to one oral surgeon who told me I had too much bone loss and that combined with my osteopena would not make me a good candidate for an implant.  Then I found Tahoe Oral Surgery and Dr. Martin.  He did a bone graph, then pulled a tooth and put in 3 implants over the course of 5 months.  I didn’t even need to take one aspirin throughout the entire process.  His office is state of the art and his staff are wonderful.  I went under for the surgery in his office both for the bone graph and then again for the implant process.  I would highly recommend them for any Oral Surgery needs. – Tracy S.
I went to Dr.Martin a couple years ago to get my wisdom teeth taken out, since then I have referred three of my friends and they were also very happy with his work. The staff and himself were so nice and friendly, made each of us feel comfortable and relaxed. I was so nervous and scared at first, thought it would be all this horrible pain…But they gave me some gas–just had a buzzed on wine feeling, just felt calmer. Then he put in the needle that makes you pass out, I HATE needles but seriously I didnt feel it because of the winedrunk gas stuff. Stoked on that. Then I just fell asleep, dont remember anything after 5-10 seconds. Next thing i know Im in the arms of my fiance on our way home. Slept the whole day….. I was just so scared and anxious before getting there that day, but everyone was so nice and comforting. Made the experience so much easier. I really appreciated them being nice to me and being patient with all my questions and fears. They had a pretty painting in the office. I remember looking at it and feeling better as i went under. Everything healed up perfect with no problems. Great job and thanks so much! – R.D.
My 9 year old son was tongue tied (never diagnosed!) and actually tore some of his frenum while we were vacationing in Tahoe. Lucky for us as Dr. Dan Martin and his excellent staff were able to perform surgery on my son and completely correct the issue. They walked us through the procedure, eased our fears and diligently followed up on us, even after we left the area. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to drive back to Tahoe to have my son seen again (in fact, I already did!). My son is doing incredibly well and he is very pleased with his new mobility! – Erin E.
I’m almost 60 and had to have a wisdom tooth extracted.  After examining the x-rays, my dentist strongly recommended having Dr. Martin do it (we joked that it had calcified into my jaw bone).  Every aspect of the process – from initial consult through the procedure to post-surgery care and payment – was handled professionally and with sincere care for my well being.  I could not recommend Dr. Martin and his team more highly nor can I suggest any area for improvement. – Bob N., Truckee, CA
Highly recommend. Dr. Martin and staff are amazing and wonderful. Here’s my long story and review. Hope it helps. I live in SF and was up in South Lake Tahoe for Christmas and New Years for two weeks. I had a known infection in one of my molars that previously had a root canal done 20+ years ago. I tried to have it extracted in SF, but schedule would not allow. My dentist in the bay area prescribed some pain med and I “had to deal with it” until extracted. The pain got progressively worse so I called Dr. Martin’s office the day after Christmas and left a message. Was completely surprised someone was there to call me back. I described the situation and they were able to get me in to see Dr. Martin on Monday the 30th. I believe he as two offices, one South Lake Tahoe and one in North Shore so he has limited office days in SLT. From the time I walked into the office, staff was fantastic. Wait was a little longer than expected, but completely understood as with any medical procedure things may take longer than expected and cause delays. After getting the necessary xrays Dr. Martin and I talked about options. I had a cracked molar that I just dealt with and was falling apart, a wisdom tooth that was also broken and my infected root canal molar. Let’s just say I know I needed to get the three extracted from previous dental visits. I just put it off. I expected Dr. Martin to say I needed two implants, but what I particularly liked was he was very honest. He told me straight off, the bottom rear molar really does not need to be replaced. All I really needed was an upper molar implant to replace what he was going to extract. He didn’t push me to get unnecessary implants nor did he pressure me to get it done with him. He and his team even said once I determined who I would get the implants done from in the bay area, that surgeon could call Dr. Martin’s office and they would share all the details. Just awesome! After it was decided he would extract the three teeth and put in a bone graft for my future implant, I had to decide on anesthesia. I wanted to be completely knocked out but wasn’t sure about my insurance coverage. That’s where Kelly(?) came in and gave me all the options after she spoke with my insurance company. She explained to me very clearly what the insurance was going to pay, what they might pay and what I was expected to pay. Very easy and decided to get knocked out. Stefani was the assistant who prepped me for the surgery and she was a complete pleasure as well. Dr. Martin came in after all the prep was done, hooked me up to an IV and I remember speaking to him about Niner season tickets, about 5 sentences, and the next thing you know, I woke up with the procedure completed. The staff called in my prescription ahead of time and I went to the local CVS to pick up. I received a follow up call from Dr. Martin that evening to see how I was doing and also received another call from the office following day just to check in again. Now that’s post op service and follow up. Given my experiences with Dr. Martin and staff, I decided I will make an effort to go to him in April during my kid’s spring break to get the needed implant. I highly recommend Dr. Martin for all your surgical needs for your teeth. – Steven J.
If you have to have oral surgery for any reason, you couldn’t pick a better place than Tahoe Oral Surgery & Implant Center. The staff makes you feel welcome and Dr. Martin is lovely!!!! – Kay Taylor
Dr. Martin is great, after having a wisdom tooth removed I had no problem or pain. I would highly recommend Tahoe Oral Surgery. – Sandy Wingate
Great work and great staff! They made what was, to me, a scary procedure into something that I said was easy mid-way though. I’d highly recommend Dr. Martin and his staff. – Erin McGuffin Jernigan
Dr. Martin and his staff are very helpful and do excellent work! A couple of years ago, my general dentist from my home town recommended that I should get my wisdom teeth removed and strongly recommended Dr. Martin for the surgery. I called his Truckee office, and the receptionist Melody was very helpful in answering all of my questions and had made an appointment for me a few days later. I went in for my evaluation appointment and they thoroughly described the procedure to me and answered any additional questions I had. They had given me a “ball-park” price of the procedure, and a list of pre-operation instructions and information, and scheduled me for a procedure appointment a week later. Dr. Martin performed a fast and peaceful surgery. He and his staff followed up on me a couple of times after the operation (once later that day, and again a few days later) to ensure I was doing well. The recovery was quick and relatively pain free. They also sent me home with a care pack with list of instructions, items to help keep the surgical sites clean, and recommendations to better help the healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Martin and his staff to anybody and would not hesitate to go back to them for any oral surgeries in my future. – Kyle J, Reno NV
Dr. Martin & his staff are extremely helpful and professional! The receptionists are welcoming and they know you by name & procedure- which is definitely a wonderful thing when dealing with any type of surgery. Dr. Martin is fast & efficient- couldn’t of asked for a better oral surgeon! They took very good care of me when I had all four wisdom teeth removed & an additional procedure on my tongue. Amazing work!!!! – Alissa T, South Lake Tahoe, CA
I was very pleased with how quickly Dr. Martin’s office personnel were able to schedule an appointment for me to have a tooth extracted. I also appreciate being able to fill out the entry form online instead of filling the forms out at their office. The staff were kind and gentle in preparing me for the extraction procedure and Dr. Martin was also very good at helping me to feel as comfortable as possible. I appreciated the info pertaining to payment options as well. I would feel comfortable recommending Daniel Martin, DDS to anyone in need of an oral surgeon. – Richard R., Kings Beach, CA
My daughter had her wisdom teeth out and everything about the experience was easy. The staff was efficient and responsive, and the procedure went just as expected. Highly recommend this practice! – Alaina R., Truckee, CA
After 6 months of trying to “save” a tooth through a root canal process, my only option left was an extraction… Dr. Martin’s office was able to squeeze me in very quickly for the extraction. I was very thankful for their prompt attention to my situation. Dr. Martin and his office staff were extremely professional, their compassion and caring was awesome! I would recommend Dr. Martin to anyone in need of an oral surgeon. – Pam M., Truckee, CA
Dr. Martin and his staff are so professional that I’m compelled to write my first review of anyone. He was considerate and calming, answered any questions I had, reviewed procedures and relieved any anxiety I had for my implant. That reads so nicely but here is my real impression – the guy is a Rock Star when it comes to oral surgery!! I was never uncomfortable, unsure or unaware. He has assembled a great staff to compliment his practice. I have recommended him to 3 people so far and wouldn’t hesitate to shout his praises to anyone else. – David C., Zephyr Cove NV
I have an EXTREME dental phobia, so when I was referred to Dr. Martin for TWO extractions, you can imagine my dismay. I had to travel 45 minutes to get there so I had plenty of time to stress out before the appointment. The receptionist and dental assistant were VERY nice and made me feel like I would be in good hands. Dr. Martin came in to the room and between him and the assistant, answered all of my questions and concerns. They even took the time to listen to my horror stories of past dental experiences! Dr. Martin made me feel comfortable and that is REALLY hard to do considering my phobia. Before I knew it the extractions were done. A few hours after I returned home, his office called to see how I was doing. That was really nice and made me feel like they truly cared about how I felt. I would highly recommend Dr. Martin if you need an Oral Surgeon. ESPECIALLY if you are dental phobic like me. If I felt comfortable and cared for, as petrified as I am about dentists, that says A LOT! You can trust them, they are seriously AWSOME! – Sharyl S., Minden NV
Dr. Martin’s Office is Top Notch!!! Our family highly recommends Dr. Daniel Martin and his wonderful staff for any oral surgery needs you may have!! Dr. Martin and his entire team recently provided EXCEPTIONAL care to my father who needed multiple extractions. When we called to schedule an appointment, they were very nice, pleasant and friendly on the phone, and went out of their way to accommodate us into their busy schedule. They were understanding, knowledgeable, organized, and efficient and we were immediately impressed by the way they ran their practice. We were directed to their website, which was easy to use, to complete the necessary registration forms prior to our appointment which allowed them to be completely prepared for us when we arrived. Upon entering their Truckee office, which is very nice, we felt instantly comfortable after being warmly greeted by the staff. They eased our concerns, and thoroughly explained everything that the procedure would involve. During the actual surgery appointment Dr. Martin and his surgical assistants displayed the utmost in care, kindness, patience and compassion. Their professional manner and expertise made my father feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire procedure. They even assisted in getting my father safely back to the car after surgery! Later that day they called to check on my father, and although they were difficult extractions, I was happy to report that my father had no swelling or discomfort following surgery at all!! It was amazing! We feel truly blessed and very grateful to have met Dr. Martin and his outstanding staff! Dr. Martin is an excellent oral surgeon, and a genuinely nice person and we would not hesitate to return to his office should the need ever arise! My father’s smile could not have been in better hands! – Colleen D, Soda Springs CA
I am a local physician who works with Dr. Martin occasionally in surgery. I had a need for a wisdom tooth extraction and was referred to Dr. Martin who I was happy to see. From working with him in surgery I felt he did an excellent job and took great care of his patients. I felt very comfortable and his office was very helpful in scheduling my appointment as well as appropriate follow-up calls. As expected, he did a excellent job taking care of my extraction and he and his staff were very kind and empathetic with me. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Martin for oral surgery needs. – Tom S, Truckee CA
I was extremely nervous having had another tooth extracted years ago. Dr. Martin and his staff did a great job explaining the procedure and about the time he started his examination and said I might feel a bit of wiggle, he had removed the tooth in question! It was quick and painless at the time, but the pain and some discomfort afterword only lasted a few days. Highly recommend his services. – Rob W., Homewood, CA
Dr. Martin and his staff have been and were during my procedure absolutely amazing and kind and professional. I had a tooth extraction and an implant placed which was very painful but for the amount of work I’ve had done in my life over the years this was by far the very best experience. During the procedure Dr. Martin was positive, kind, constantly asking if I was ok, his staff were so kind, and he helped me figure out a solution to a difficult situation. I recommend Dr. Martin to anyone who needs any kind of oral surgery. For one of the worst things that has to be done, oral surgery, he and his staff are the best place to be taken care of. – Alison B., Truckee, CA
I have to say this was the most amazing dentist ever. Dr. Chamberlain referred me over and they said they could see me in two days. I stopped there on my way home to fill out paperwork ahead of time and the staff was great, telling me exactly how much it would cost. Shortly after I got home they called to say they had a cancellation for that afternoon and they could fit me in. I went in and had a discussion with the Dr. concerning my situation and ended up having seven teeth removed with just Novocaine. Before I left they gave me a bag containing everything I would need including a written copy of the instructions they had given to me orally as well. I had very minimal pain and no swelling at all due to the instructions they gave. I would highly recommend this office. Everyone was great! – Ann R.