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Dental Implants

Why Dental ImplantsWith advances in dental implant technology and techniques, dental implants are undeniably the best, most cost-effective, long-term solution for missing and damaged teeth. Offering state-of-the-art implant treatment, we can often replace a broken tooth with a dental implant in the same day.

Beautiful Smiles

Beautiful SmilesMissing teeth not only impact how you look and feel, but can also wreak havoc on your oral health. Here at Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center, we are committed to providing oral surgery care that helps people regain their smiles and tooth function in a caring and comfortable environment.

Implant Expert

TahoeOralSurgery-web-DentalImplants-consultanexpertDr. Dan Martin, D.D.S, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery who has a lasting commitment to excellence in oral surgery and his patients’ care. Dr. Martin offers “All-On-Four” and “Teeth In A Day.” His extensive experience in dental implants will give you reason to smile.

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10 Reasons To Overcome Dental Anxiety of Tooth Extractions

Did you know that an estimated 75% of U.S. adults avoid seeing the dentist or oral surgeon because of dental fear and anxiety? Dental anxiety, also called odontophobia, is the fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care. Though not all people with dental anxiety have an extreme …

10 Ways You can Have a Smile-Happy Halloween (and say Healthy)

Halloween is just around the corner bringing trick-or-treaters a free stockpile of sugary sweets. Along with the surge of excess sugar in children’s diets comes a list of parental concerns, including the potential for cavities. However, no candy-loving child is going to want to forgo their Halloween bounty …

Dental Research and Development Using Squid Ink

When it comes to dental innovations, we often think that creating new techniques and treatments will stem from the birth of state-of-the-art developments. However, sometimes new techniques can blossom from simply looking at different solutions to old problems using existing tools. Such is the case with a strange …

Giving Back to Our Community

As part of our commitment to improving the lives of community members, we at Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center choose to regularly give back. This September was a busy month for us with two incredible dental health events where we donated services to community members in need …

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    Dr. Martin and his staff are awesome and super nice! I definitely recommend Dr. Martin to anyone looking for an oral surgeon!
    Lyndsay F.